Gippa Fortunato


Review Summary: Flute ballad that breathes inspiration into contentedness

Italian composer and producer Giuseppe Fortunato, or Gippa, has actively been pursuing musical endeavors most of his life. His latest flute work “Flee” is testimony to his wonderful precision and craftsmanship. The rock ballad opens with guitars playing medium tempo. Throughout the piece their intricate melodic lines remain in the background, but their warm presence is evident. Along with the bass and drums, these instruments lay a constantly moving and rich foundation for the flute to freely play long and lovely to the fore. Gippa’s flute technique is that and more with its beautifully piercing tone and relaxed subtle vibrato.

As the wind instrument carries the melody it is a peaceful lark with a light sweet breeze, much like the illusion Gippa wishes to create of an immigrant sailing into the harbor of a new land with gently cresting waves rolling beside the ship. The unhurried reflectiveness of the tune brings with it a sense of looking into an unknown future yet still enjoying the present moment without anxiety or debilitating anticipation. Gippa confidently sweeps into the higher register of the flute with ease and grace, much like the feelings the melody is conveying.

The midpoint of the song introduces a sixteenth-eighth-sixteenth note rhythmic motif that adds a bit of frolic and a smile before settling back into the flowing melody. Stylistically, the flute and accompaniment are excellently matched and balanced. The structure and ambience of the song are high quality and a joy to listen to.

Giuseppe - Gippa - Fortunato | Musicista e compositore | Compositore professionale | Educatore | Torino, ITALIA |Artist: Giuseppe "Gippa" Fortunato

Single Title: "Flee"

Rewiew Name: Kelly O'Neill

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)