"movie" review by Alec Cunningham

Inspiration is everything. And in the case of Giuseppe "Gippa" Fortunato, the inspiration for his most recent creation has come from nature itself - more specifically from the clouds. This musical work of art happens to be an entirely instrumental track titled "Movie." Though the instrumental is primarily supported by a single flute, drums and guitars also aid in the arrangement.

Listening to the song with the fact that it was inspired by the clouds in mind you can easily imagine this song playing in the background on a warm summer day as you lie in a field watching the clouds pass by. The variations in tempo as the song unfolds as well as one final increase as it reaches its conclusion could easily represent the movement of the clouds as the wind picks up and dies down throughout a day. The flute contributes a sunny, upbeat peppiness that adequately matches Fortunato's environmental influence when composing this track and the musical intent he had when creating it. With the flute alone this would sound more like a folk track, but the addition of drums and guitars lends rock attributes to the piece. And surprisingly, those rock characteristics do not take away from the overall lightheartedness of the song.

This piece proves that you do not need lyrics in order to make a song interesting. "Movie" has life and character in and of itself and does not require lyrics to boost its effect or enjoyableness. In that this is an instrumental song, Fortunato has created a track that can be universally enjoyed. Since he is Italian this means that no one is at the cultural disadvantage that a difference in language can often create. In turn, this means that everyone can profit from his music equally. "Movie" is a beautifully crafted, executed, and produced piece that fittingly reflects Fortunato's enthusiasm for both life and music.

Artist: Giuseppe "Gippa" Fortunato

Song: “Movie”

Review by Alec Cunningham

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)